Lets see what the children have been up to this month


Flower Kingdom

The Flower Kingdom would like to welcome all the new children and families who have started this month. This month they have been exploring lots of mark making with different tools and materials including shaving foam and play dough. The Snowdrop children have also enjoyed exploring their new cosy corner and toadstool tent where they have enjoyed reading stories.




Bumble bees

The Bumble bees have been enjoying playing with the autumn leaves and engaging in creative autumn themed messy activities. They have also been exploring different ways of mark making and enjoyed drawing with felt pens on tin foil. The Bumble bees have also been talking about their families and have created a family photo board. If you have any family photographs these would be greatly appreciated.



F2   F3


The Dragonflies have been exploring different Rangoli patterns for Diwali and used a range of colours to create their own which can be seen on the Diwali display board in the room. They have also been looking at their names and are getting very good at recognising their own names and sticking them on the registration board. The Dragonflies have also been practicing putting their own shoes and slippers on and are becoming much more confident!




F          V

The Pre school unit

The pre school children have been looking at the changes autumn has brought and went to the park to collect autumn objects to use within their play. They have also been talking about the weather, how it is different around the world and have created some weather inspired artwork. They have also been exploring science and have enjoyed engaging in different experiments including using pipettes to mix different coloured water and talking about the effects.


Please could you let your child’s room leader know if they also attend another setting to be able to share information and next steps.



Our cook Debbie has been coming up with some imaginative meals and cooking ideas with the children. Debbie often works directly with the children who help Debbie with her baking and making savoury meals for the children’s tea.

Parents are more than welcome to offer any menu suggestions and are always welcome into the nursery to participate in their children’s day by reading stories, a baking activity or to stay and play!