Lets see what the children have been up to this month


Pre school leaver’s concert gabriel

Thank you to all the families of the Pre school children who came to watch the leaver’s concert. The Pre school children did a fantastic job with their singing and thoroughly enjoyed having their families come to see all their hard work. As the Pre school children begin to fly the nest we wish them lots of luck and success at big school!

june13th2017 017The Flower Kingdom have been exploring lots of different methods of mark making to create a summer board. They have also been enjoying lots of water play in the hot weatheDSC01107r and have been exploring their new play area.


The Bumble bees have been doing seaside themed artwork. They have created ice creams, complete with sparkly sprinkles, boats made out of different shapes and the sea by using rollers in blue paint.


DSCN5619The Dragonflies have been focusing on the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and have created a story board as they went on their own bear hunt around the garden. They enjoyed wellie boot printing, imitating walking through the squelchy mud, created whirling swirling snowstorm pictures with shredded paper and did leaf printing to create the forest. They have also been talking about holidays and have made their own postcards from holiday brochures.


The Sunshine children have been talking about the hot weather and how they need to wear sun DSC01951cream and sunhats in order to stay safe in the sun. They have also been exploring phonics including the letters at the beginning of their name and talking about rhyming words.


The Pre School children have been looking at different types of houses and talking about the houses they live in including the different rooms. They have also been talking about the different types of houses in the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story and what they are made out of.IMG_0005


Children enjoy sharing where they have been for the weekend or for their holidays  so could they bring postcards or snapshot of all these places .  Please 🙂