Lets see what the children have been up to this month

The Royal Wedding

The royal wedding was celebrated throughout the nursery with lots of artwork including crowns, bunting and flags. All of the children had an afternoon tea picnic in the garden complete with sandwiches, scones and fruit.

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The Preschool Unit

The children in the preschool unit have been talking about sea creatures and have created an under the sea board complete with jellyfish and mermaids. Next they are going to be exploring pirates and will be engaging in activities including treasure hunts, map and telescope making and imaginary play.

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The Toddler Unit

The bumble bees have been exploring colours and shapes through printing and painting. They have also been engaging in lots of activities with the opportunity to sort colours and shapes and have been talking about how they are the same or different.

The Dragonflies have been talking about what they like doing in the summer and will be creating a summer board, they would like any photographs of any activities the children enjoy over the summer.








Flower Kingdom

The children in the flower kingdom have been creating some summer themed artwork for their summer board including ice lollies and flowers. They have also been exploring different textures by sticking with different materials.

If you have any postcards or leaflets from anywhere you visit over the summer these would be greatly appreciated.

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