Parents informations and reminders

A little reminder…..

For all our Preschoolers going to school in September please notice that One month notice is required .

Remember to cancel your vouchers in time as we will not be able to refund them .( Time is flying by for our little Ladybirds)

Can Parents name their children ‘s clothes including shoes please.

The lost property clothes filled a black bin bag and after having been displayed for 10 days will be recycled

As the weather grows warmer please can parents provide sun cream and a sunhat for their children.   sun cream


Safety -:

To protect children with allergies can you please not bring your children in the nursery whilst they are eating biscuits or any other type of food. Thank you

If you have an alternative drop off or collection for your child who does not normally come please don’t give out the code for the gate. Please ask them to ring the front door bell and a member of staff will take them to your child’s room.


When parking in Swan road please do remember that it is illegal to park on a curb or to close to a junction. Thank you

Please remember that the nursery is a no mobile phone zone. Please make sure that you do not get out your mobile phone until you are off of nursery premises.

In the interest of child safety please do not let anyone into the nursery who you do not know even if they are coming in the gate at the same time as you.

For safety reasons it is very important that you sign your children in and out .

Policies -: Some of our policies have been updated. Please feel free to read any of these at anytime. The policy folders are located on the shelf in the entrance hall.

Home Learning-:Our educational boxes that the Preschool children can take home and enjoy are ready.

The National Day Nurseries Association have created some free online resources for parents which can be accessed through the link below:

Childcare support-:

The government has launched a new web page which brings together all the current childcare support available in one place –

Parent reminders:

Are you aware of the changes to Tax-Free childcare from April 2017 and are registered with HMRC so they can check their eligibility for 30 hour entitlement from September 2017

To help Debbie our cook could Parents let us know before 9.30 if their children will not be in on that day or arriving after that time.Thank you

We have been rewarded 5 stars for our Food and Hygiene 🙂

  • Sarah is creating an information booklet for parents containing common questions; any suggestions of ideas to go into the booklet are welcome.
  • We are unsure of information regarding the 30 hours funding for September 2017 at the moment, as soon as we know we will share this with you.