Parents informations and reminders

Useful forms-:

Please find below forms for prescribed medicine and pre existing injuries which can be completed before coming to nursery when required.

Medicine form

Pre existing injury form

Spare clothes-:

If you have an unwanted clothes at home these would be greatly appreciated for our ‘spare’ box. Also if your child has used any spare clothes recently please could we ask that these are returned as our stocks are running low.


After discussions with parents it has come to out attention that many children have specific clothes for nursery. Therefore we have begun to introduce an optional uniform for children above the age of two. If you are interested please speak to a member of staff who can provide you with an order form.


When parking in Swan road please do remember that it is illegal to park on a curb or to close to a junction. Thank you

Please remember that the nursery is a no mobile phone zone. Please make sure that you do not get out your mobile phone until you are off of nursery premises.

In the interest of child safety please do not let anyone into the nursery who you do not know even if they are coming in the gate at the same time as you.

For safety reasons it is very important that you sign your children in and out .

Policies -: Some of our policies have been updated. Please feel free to read any of these at anytime. The policy folders are located on the shelf in the entrance hall.

Home Learning-:Our educational boxes that the Preschool children can take home and enjoy are ready.


Childcare support-:

The government has launched a new web page which brings together all the current childcare support available in one place –

Please be aware that if you are accessing the tax free childcare scheme and have this arranged this for a specific date each month e.g. 10th …..if this date falls on a weekend then this will not be released for a few days after and will become a late payment.


To protect children with allergies please can children not be brought in eating any types of food from home, thank you.