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Lets see what the children have been up to this month


Pancake Day

The children had a lovely day on Tuesday 13th February with lots of pancake themed activities. The children within the Preschool unit enjoyed pancakes races using saucepans from the home corner and pancakes which they had made from play dough. The children in the under two unit got very messy through incorporating flour into the home corner with sauces pans, bowls and whisks to make their own pancakes. Finally the children throughout the nursery enjoyed pancakes for their tea and enjoyed choosing which toppings they wanted to put on them.

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Chinese New Year

Friday 16th February saw the children celebrating Chinese New Year which started by trying different foods including prawn crackers for their snack, sweet and sour chicken with rice for their lunch and fortune cookies with their tea. The children in the Preschool unit used shredded paper in the home corner to prepare tasty noodle dishes for their friends and have also experimented using chop sticks within a range of fine motor skill activities. Other activities have included making Chinese flags, lanterns, firework pictures and Chinese dragons and the children within the Flower Kingdom explored spaghetti play.










The Preschool unit

The children within the Preschool have been focusing on a child chosen topic of dinosaurs. They have used dinosaurs to mark make with and explored some ‘dinosaur eggs’. They have also been exploring mark making through paint blowing using straws.

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The Toddler unit

The children within the toddler unit have been exploring mark marking using stamps and ink. They are now going to be focusing on spring within their artwork including creating some daffodils and sheep. If you find anything when out and about which is spring related please feel free to bring this in as inspiration for the Spring board.










The Flower Kingdom

The children in the Flower Kingdom have been exploring their new sensory baskets and focusing on textures through their artwork. They have also enjoyed sticking with different materials including shiny paper.

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The children within the Flower Kingdom and Toddler welcome family photos for their family boards.


Parents informations and reminders

Food hygiene-:

We are very happy to share with you that following our food hygiene inspection in the new year that we have remained with a 5 star grading!


After discussions with parents it has come to out attention that many children have specific clothes for nursery. Therefore we have begun to introduce an optional uniform which for children above the age of two. If you are interested please speak to a member of staff who can provide you with an order form.


When parking in Swan road please do remember that it is illegal to park on a curb or to close to a junction. Thank you

Please remember that the nursery is a no mobile phone zone. Please make sure that you do not get out your mobile phone until you are off of nursery premises.

In the interest of child safety please do not let anyone into the nursery who you do not know even if they are coming in the gate at the same time as you.

For safety reasons it is very important that you sign your children in and out .

Policies -: Some of our policies have been updated. Please feel free to read any of these at anytime. The policy folders are located on the shelf in the entrance hall.

Home Learning-:Our educational boxes that the Preschool children can take home and enjoy are ready.

The National Day Nurseries Association have created some free online resources for parents which can be accessed through the link below:

Childcare support-:

The government has launched a new web page which brings together all the current childcare support available in one place –

Please be aware that if you are accessing the tax free childcare scheme and have this arranged this for a specific date each month e.g. 10th …..if this date falls on a weekend then this will not be released for a few days after and will become a late payment.


To protect children with allergies please can children not be brought in eating any types of food from home, thank you.


Dates for your diary

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day we are welcoming children to come in dressed up as a book character on Thursday 1st March and are welcome to bring a story along to share with their friends. Please refer to the posters around the setting for further information and ideas or ask a member of staff.

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Parents evening

This years parents evenings will be on June 7th and November 15th 2018.


Throughout the year we will as a nursery be exploring different countries and languages from around the world through a range of different activities including food tasting, themed artwork and for the older children learning some key words from that language. On March 22nd we will be exploring our first country which will be France, please keep an eye out for the posters advertising this exciting day and all that it will entail.